why is it worth to wake up earlier?

October 7, 2019

Why is it worth to wake up earlier?

If you’re interested in life of successful people certainly you know that most of all, or maybe even all of them, start their day early. If you do sport, you need the proper amount of sleep to regenerate your body. In the evening, usually we have no energy to do something productive so we watch TV or putter around the house without any aim. Don’t squander your time, go to bed and wake up earlier so you’ll have time for worthwhile things. Additionally, when you wake up earlier, your morning is not so stressful, you won’t forget about your breakfast or phone to school/work, you have time to do a list of tasks or eat something healthy, etc. Our adrenals regenerate mostly between 09:00 p.m. – 01:00 a.m. so if you go to bed after 1 a.m, you will probably get up sleepyheaded, no matter how many hours have you slept.

How much sleep do we need?

Taking into consideration phases of sleep, we should sleep multiple of 90 minutes (1,5 h). In the period between each 90, our sleep is lighter so it’s easier to wake up. When you open your eyes and feel more drowsy than usual, probably you interrupted the phase of deep sleep. The best is to sleep 7,5 hours. 6 won’t be enough for most of people and hardly anyone needs 9h (unless you train a lot). For example, Cristiano Ronaldo sleeps 7,5 hours a day. If you still grow, you can’t neglect your sleep. Remember about the rule of 90 minutes if you plan to wake up earlier.

How to wake up rested?

The way of getting up it’s as vital as sleep. Scientists discovered that naps after waking up have an adverse impact on the brain’s work and productivity. We sleep in cycles (90-110 minutes), when we wake up, our body is in the mode “Waking up” so we finish the cycle. When we fall asleep, our brain starts another cycle which lasts next 90-110 minutes. If you wake up 15 minutes later, you can be annoyed and your cerebral cortex will be still in the sleeping cycle! You can’t wake it up abruptly – it needs next 75 minutes to finish the cycle. That’s why it will be hard to “wake up”, you’ll feel numb and without willingness to start another day, not telling about taking actions toward your dreams. 

This wretched alarm clock.

It’s a good idea to have your alarm clock far from the bed. Then you’re forced to get up because you can’t click nap alarm. If you have your alarm clock at your phone, you won’t check your e-mail or scroll social media. Only benefits! You should always remember why you wake up. You wake up to make your dreams come true!

The alarm clock is ringing. No naps. 5…4…3…2…1 RISE AND SHINE!