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Everyone of us is afraid of something. Only overcoming this fear and taking concrete actions can lead to life success. The world belongs to the brave ones!

There is nothing worse than unfulfilled dreams and untapped potential. People are unhappy when they have not experienced the feeling of fulfillment and development in their lives.

Your whole body is responsible for your functioning. Taking care only of your intellectual and physical development is not enough: healthy diet, right attitude, sleep - all this has a huge impact on your quality of life.

If you want to make others happy – start with yourself. If you will be fulfilled, full of love and satisfaction and have positive attitude – you can give happiness to others and spread positivity around.

What you constantly think about becomes reality. Your thoughts attract events so be careful what you think about. If you want to become someone special you have to keep thinking that way about yourself.

If bad things have happened to you in the past, that doesn't mean you can't change it. It is never too late to start living anew. Start with your attitude and your way of thinking, and then take steps that will guarantee you a better future.

The first step is always the most difficult, but then each step is easier. You have to break through and start now. You get a goal? Divide it into small tasks which, if performed regularly, will bring you its fulfilment. It's important to move forward all the time.

Think about what you really want in life and what makes you happy. Try to understand and know yourself and what emotions you want to feel. Now think about what your life looks like

If you want to succeed, the first thing you have to do is to believe in yourself. Your thoughts attract events, if you are full of self-confidence you will have more energy to take action, which will be more effective, and in addition you will attract positive events. Without self-confidence you won't take on new challenges, and they are responsible for your development. Believing in your own abilities is a feature of all successful people!

If you want to achieve something, you need to plan carefully what you need to do to make it happen. What do you have to change in yourself and what habits do you have to develop? What do you have to learn? Without a plan, nothing will work because you won't know what to do and you'll give in to excuses.

People learn most things in practice. If you want to be good at something, do it as often and as good as you can.

Everyone should have a job that brings them happiness and fulfilment. Then this work is not an unpleasant duty, but pure pleasure. Don't look for a job, look for a vocation!

Going through life with your head held high means going proudly, be ready for challenges and not afraid of going ahead. Don't follow others. Let them follow you. Be ready and eager for new challenges and adventures and don't let fear bury your head in the sand - that's how you waste your potential.

If you want to achieve success you have to think about yourself in a psitive way and believe in your uniqueness. If you want to be a champion, think of yourself as a champion. That'll make you behave like a master.

You are unique so use your uniqueness. Pretending to be someone else is just a cheating. There is no other person with a combination of qualities like you. Be the best version of yourself, and then others will see you as an outstanding person.

The real happiness is not to beat your rival, but to become better and surprise yourself with your achievements. Then you'll feel the real fulfilment.

To be fully happy you don’t really need that much. Appreciate little things and happiness will not leave you. Don't forget to be among nature, because everyone needs it.

There are victories and failures in everyone's life. What distinguishes a successful person from the rest is that such a person doesn’t give up after a failure and hard moments. When you lose, you will hear words of doubt, but you should never believe them. Let them motivate you to prove to others what you are worth.

Be careful what you say to people. Some words scar for many years so it is worth saying good things to others. It's not effortful for you but it can mean so much to someone else.

In football you can win only if you have a good team that can work together. If everyone just wants to score goals and be a star, the team has no chance to win.

If you want to be happy you have to be loyal to your beliefs and values. Lying will sooner or later come out, so it's not worth lying if you don't want others to lie to you.

If you want to enjoy health and happiness, do not dwell on the past, because you have no longer any impact on it. Focus on the present, because you're in control of it. Live so that you don't have to regret anything you've done in the past anymore.

You can overcome stress by controlling your breath, meditating and being among nature. There are no more effective ways.

Never give up your dreams no matter what age you are. We got so many years of life to use every one of them. Youth is a relative concept and can last your whole life. There are many examples of mature people who are in the full bloom of youth - so age does not matter.

Your thoughts have a huge impact on your life, they attract people and events. Think positive and celebrate every victory. Sometimes everyone has a rough patch but it is a human affliction, not worth blaming for. Whatever is going on in your life, see the positives of the situation. Before you go to sleep, think about your dreams and make them come true. If you haven't found your other half yet - take the time to develop yourself so that your soul mate will meet your best version.

Material goods do not make you feel unique and valuable. You can lose them at any time, someone can take them away from you or they can lose their value. You are determined by how you treat other people and how you behave. Your actions define you, so focus on them.

Having a talent doesn’t guarantee success! Most of the people are scared of failure so they don’t use their potential and then it becomes useless. Dare to show your talent and passion to others and then you will be able to achieve success.

No one can determine how great you can become. Only you can check this with daily development. Your brain has amazing abilities and only you can use them fully.

You are special and unique, there never was and never will be anyone like you. That’s why you have to use who you are, all your advantages to achieve all you dream of! Each of us is created to achieve great things.

Love in plays a huge role in our lives – thanks to it we have strength and will to become better and better. Love what you do and don’t reject love from others if you want to become someone great.

You create your life with your own thoughts, so if you want to have an amazing life – think positive and by that attract positive events. Make sure that your attitude is always right.

Overthinking and exaggerating your problems will make you suffer even more. Think of it as a challenge and instead of worrying, solve the problem asap. Remember that it is not a lose-lose situation.

Every dream is possible! It is important to live this dream and strive to make it come true every day. People who did great things started with a dream.

It is essential that you get to know yourself. What you really are, what you desire, what you want to feel, what is the source of your happiness. Only by knowing yourself and knowing what you really want in life you can be fully happy.

Whatever you want to do, firstly you have to believe that it'll work. When you don't believe in yourself you can’t give your all. When you believe in yourself, every aspect of your life will improve!

If you dream about something every day, visualize it and do something every day to get closer to your goal. It is the sum of small tasks performed regulary that will make you a champion one day!

Habits are responsible for the quality of our lives. Fortunately, we can create habits ourselves. The more often you do something at a certain time (e.g. every day at 4 p. m. ) the stronger habit you create, and then doing it will come easily.

You don't have to make a living doing something you don't like. It's just a waste of time. You have only one life, so make money by doing what you love and what gives you satisfaction.

Your posture directly affects how you feel. When you stoop and hunch you send information to your brain that you are scared or tired. To give yourself energy and confidence, be always straight and held your head high, don't be afraid to look people in the eyes.

The way we think about ourselves influence our behaviour. Think of yourself as someone gifted, beautiful and hard-working, and you will adapt to these thoughts. You'll do better every task when you approach it with an attitude: I can do it!

If you want to achieve something, firstly, you have to imagine it. Then your brain and your body knows exactly how something is supposed to look and they will try to create it in a real life. It is the power of visualization - when you see something in your imagination, you will know how to achieve it in reality.

Choose a role model and keep a close eye on every movement and behaviour of this person. Then close your eyes and try to do exactly the same in your imagination. Do it a few times, then practice it. This will enable you to understand this person's mastery and master his technique.

Don’t dwell on the bad things that happened to you. Don't think about the unpleasant situations of your past. Smile thinking positively about your future and forget about the past.

Speak simply and understandably when you communicate with others, and they will consider your words to be trustworthy.

The secret of being a charming person is to make people feel special around you. If you're talking to someone - focus on that person and show your interest, and you'll definitely see each other again.

It is worth to surround yourself with people who you trust and who trust you - thanks to this you will be motivated not to let others down and you will feel valuable.

Everything you do, you should do with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. Then you'll get the best results.

Avoid people who have negative attitude towrds life, because who you associate with has a huge impact on you. Don't let others take away your dreams and your desire to live.

Your body is your home, so take care of it every day. A healthy body will give you the opportunity to enjoy life.

Age is only a number and does not determine your ability to succeed. You can do great things at any age and many famous people have proven it. Often the passing years work in our favour - we are smarter, more persistent and know what we really want.

If you want to live a happy life, you have to take care of your mind. How can you do that? By thinking positively, reading books, meditating, being among nature and controlling your emotions.

Share your good energy, a nice word and your motivation with others. In that way, you won’t lose it, but on the contrary, it will multiply. It's worth supporting others and spreading good energy, so you can meet valuable people.

People who have succeeded in life never have chosen things that are easy and secure. You have to take risk, expose yourself to the opinions of others and fight the fear of the unknown. Without courage there is no success so don’t be afraid to try!

Your brain can be changed throughout your whole life and your thinking forms it. That’s why it’s important what you think about and how. Every negative thought is going to stop you from taking actions. That’s why is it said that all changes begin in our heads. Control your thoughts to have control over your life!

You are special and unique. You have a lot to offer to others. Just by being yourself you can change lives of others and above all – your own. You have a greater power than you imagine that is why you shouldn’t waste it.

If you want to be happy, open up to love. People who are filled with love achieve great things and have beautiful lives. Let love be your goal and the quality of your life will change dramatically. Love inspires and there is no doubt about it!

If you constantly think about something – you attract it to yourself. Then what about the people who constantly think negatively? A lot of bad things happen to them! What about those whose thoughts are full of faith, hope and positive energy? Their lives are filled with happiness and success. You choose what you think about!

If you want to make your dream come true, get started right away. There is always something you can do to get better. It is important that you have the courage to act, because this is the foundation of success. Successful people are those who dared to follow their dreams.

You can make all your dreams come true! You have to live and breathe your dream and every day do something that will bring you closer to it. People who have done great things also began with a dream.

People focus on getting to know other people, what about getting to know yourself? What are you really like when no one sees you? What gives you real happiness, and what gives you only temporary pleasure? Every day, watch yourself and your emotions to discover who you are because this is the most precious thing.

If others don't believe in you, it doesn't matter. Everyone who succeded had to face other people’ doubts, often their loved ones, but for them it was a motivation to prove what they can do. But if you don't believe in yourself, you'll never achieve as much as you can. Only the inner conviction that you can make your dreams come true will make you give your all.

Nothing is more valuable than your time. Every lost minute will never come back. We don't have any impact on the passing of time, so promise yourself you won't lose any single day from now on. Organizing your time will ensure that you won’t lose the most precious things.

No matter what you say about yourself, your actions show who you are. If you want to be seen as a sportman - sport should be your main activity. Your actions build your image.

Your posture says more than your mouth. When you are straight and your face is full of energy, you look confident. When you have a hunch and look sad, people perceive you as dissatisfied with life. By controlling your attitude, you control how you feel. So pay attention to your way of moving - how does it testify about you and in what mood does it put you in?

Always control your posture. Don't hunch and don’t let your limbs get tangled which upsets your balance. Your posture defines how you feel at the moment.

The most impressive thing during a conversation is the interlocutor's confidence, and then his words seem to be more reliable. A more confident person seems to be more competent and smarter.

Imagination is a powerful weapon. If you can imagine something, you can also create it in reality. All the greatest projects, inventions or achievements were first created in the imagination.

Competition with others should not be your driving force. Putting pressure on yourself can make your results worse. Your goal should be ‘being a better version of yourself’ than you were in the past. The desire to develop will keep you motivated.

Only those who fight to the very end win. Those who give up will never know the taste of victory. So if you want something, don't stop trying until you reach your goal.

To become smarter, listen carefully to others. Everyone has some valuable knowledge to pass on, and only those who can listen will possess it.

Your actions come back to you. If you want to be treated well, treat others and nature in this way. Remember, you should always expect the same thing in return as you give.

People of success are characterized by openness, energy and learning from the best ones.

On your way you'll meet people that will keep you from your dreams. Don't let them. You only have one life and you have to use it as best you can.

Every moment is precious. Don't waste it on nerves and sorrows. Control your breath, smile and be happy to be able to experience the moment.

At first physical activity is a challenge for everyone, but after some time it becomes a habit that we don't have to think about, we just do it. Give yourself time.

When we think about something or someone, we attract it. Even when we keep thinking about what we don't want, sooner or later we will experience it. So just think of what you want and desire, and the Universe will give you that.

Don't settle for small goals, dream about big things and believe you can achieve them. Everyone can achieve amazing things and change the world, so do not limit your possibilities.

To achieve something incredible you have to overcome fear. If you want to spread your wings, you have to be brave. Faint heart never won fair lady, and fear tat is the most common reason for unfulfilled dreams.

Your brain has enormous potential and to use it as best you can, learn new things by using all your senses and practice. If you want to learn the trick, just watching it is not enough. You have to practice it and visualize in your head that now you are on the pitch and you are doing it.

It’s not true that you should put yourself last and take care of others. Truth is, you have to take care of yourself so be your own best friend. Surround yourself with people who have positive influence on you and don’t forget about rest, regeneration and constant development.

It is wrong to think that people who achieved something are born exceptional. No one of us is perfect and no one is born genius. Everyone can achieve success but the main condition is constant development, concrete goal and consistent work on it.

If you want to change your life – change your attitude and way of thinking. If you dream about sport career, think of yourself as a person who is talented, persistent and unique. It all starts in our heads because our thoughts create reality and attract specific events. Learn to control your thoughts and your life will change.

Every little step brings you closer to success in life. Think what you can do today and now to get where you want to be. Do not plan what to do in the future, because all you have control over is the present.

To be successful, you don't have to do fancy things and look for magical solutions. All you have to do is have a dream that you want to fulfill and every day do something to get closer to it. Do your best and you will surely make this dream come true.

Don't waste time on other people's lives. Not everyone has to agree with you, there will always be someone who has a different opinion. You have only one life and „today” will never happen again, so use your time and don't let others take it away from you.

Everyone faces the beliefs that limit them. We are afraid of failure and what other people will say about us, we have doubts whether we are capable enough and whether it is definitely worth changing something. Abandon all stereotypes and prejudices, because they inhibit your development. If you're dreaming about something, do everything to make your dream come true, and put your negative thoughts aside as soon as possible. Only with an open mind can you succeed.

When you want too many things, you can get nothing in return. Learn that more is not always better. Gathering material goods, proving to everyone that you are better than them, the desire to succeed on all levels of life - will not bring you happiness.

Happy people achieve the most. When you're frustrated, things get worse, so start with controlling your emotions. You can be happy at any time and you don't need anything for that. When you are happy, you have the energy and the desire to live, and then you can achieve amazing things.

Your attitude influences how you perceive yourself and also how others perceive you. When you straighten up and lift your head you will automatically feel more confident and full of energy. You should follow successful people when it comes to your attitude - they always look proud. Learn to move with confidence so that it will become natural for you.

Confident people achieve the most in life. When you believe in your potential, you are not afraid of new challenges and you take advantage of your opportunities, and this leads to your life's success.

The secret of being a charming person is to show others that they are important to you. While talking, don't just focus on yourself, ask other persons what they like or think about the subject. Everyone likes to feel important and when you make others feel good in your company, you are considered a person worth spending time with.

In order to achieve something you have to be able to imagine it. Knowledge is not enough. It's just a theory. Therefore, stimulate your creativity by imagining the things you want to create and realize, and then do it in reality.

Work is important, but you can't forget about spiritual development, spending time with your loved ones and among nature. Let yourself take a breath to recharge your batteries and to have plenty of energy to develop.

You can't succeed without one thing - perseverance. Talented, intelligent and educated people often fail because they lack perseverance. If you want to make your dreams come true - the basis is that you must persevere in your decisions and never give up.

Whoever you're talking to, just focus on that person. In this way you will show your interlocutors that they are important to you, and this will make them like you and want to spend time with you.

Football is a team game, a match is never won by only one player. The fact that somebody triumphs is the credit for the whole team, so everyone is equally important.

The way in which you treat other people has a huge impact on how you will be treated. Everyone should be respected so if you want to be respected-- respect others. Everything you do will come back to you one day.

Empathy and kindness shown to other people will make you feel special and others will remember you.

Your fate is in your hands. You will spend your whole life with yourself so you have to love yourself and be your best friend. If you think negatively about yourself, immediately change these thoughts and don't let them spoil your health. Cut yourself off from the past and live loving yourself. Happy people are those who feel good about themselves.

Laugh, joy and sense of humour are the cure for all ailments. Make sure that your life does not lack positive energy and joy, and you will make yourself healthy and happy.

If you want to succeed, you have to be patient. You won’t do incredible things just like that because then they wouldn't be incredible and everyone could be a successful person. It is worth taking the time to make your innermost dreams come true.

If you want to be a footballer, feel like a footballer. If you want to be a successful person - think of yourself in that way. In this way you will attract the right events and people until you finally become who you want to be.

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