Why do we really put on weight?

March 17, 2020

Some say that we put on weight because of too much fat in the diet, others blame carbohydrates for it. However, new research shows that the real culprit is… processed food! Why? Our nerve cells send signals to our brain about the amount of calories we’ve consumed. However, processed food is causing a problem here. For example, when eating sugar, honey or maple syrup, our body senses a sweet taste and expects more calories =energy. When consuming artificial sweeteners, we feel sweetness, but the body doesn’t receive the energy it expects. So what does it do? It encourages us to eat more because it demands these calories.

Processed foods are mostly produced from ingredients that don’t come together in nature. Look at natural products: when something is fatty it’s not sweet and vice versa. However, the so-called “junk food” combines all this together and disrupts signals sent from the intestines to the brain.

Why is it dangerous?

Scientists say that to some extent processed food acts like a drug- by eating it we don’t feel satisfaction, but a desire for more. Have you ever been satisfied with one buscuit, a chocolate or a piece of chips? Exactly!

So what should you eat?

Unprocessed foods are parts of plants and animals. So reach for vegetables, seeds, eggs, cheese and meat. The best methods are freezing, drying and pasteurization, as salt, sugar or fats are not added there. Therefore, base your diet on unprocessed products, and for those processed reach only occasionally.

Remember! If food producers see that people prefer natural and unprocessed food, they will certainly offer us more. We just have to show them that we want it!

The article written on the basis of the publication in “Scientific American”.