Rejection led them to success. Inspiring stories!


October 8, 2019

In this section, we want to show you that refusal is not always something bad. You may be grateful for this in the future because, thanks to it, you will meet something better. The most important is to never stop trying and believing in yourself. Exactly as they do:

1. Jay-Z

He was born in a crime district, grew up without his father, and as a teenager, he traded drugs. Three times he was a participant in the shootout, at the age of 12, he shot his brother because he took away his jewelery. If not his passion-music, in the best case he would have been in prison. He dreamed of becoming a rapper, but no label wanted to give him a chance. So what did he do? He founded his own label and released his first album.

2. Jack Ma

Chinese businessman, billionaire, the largest internet retailer, the owner of, inter alia, Aliexpress. His story is shocking! Three times he didn’t get to high school, 3 years he attempted to enter the university, 30 times he tried to find a job. When he applied for the police force, all candidates were accepted, except for him. Then he tried to get a job at KFC, 23 candidates were accepted,  Jack was the only one that was rejected! He tried to get to Harvard 10 times and he never succeeded.

3. Steve Jobs

– In 1985, he got fired from Apple with the approval of most employees. “Then I didn’t see it, but it turned out that Apple’s ejecting was the best thing I could get.” – Steve Jobs

10 years later he was hired again and probably, if not, the company would never have such a tremendous success. The most important is that Steve didn’t wallow in despair after being fired, but got down to work and as he said, it was the most creative time in his life.

In addition to success, these people have something else in common – they never give up and get discouraged by refusal. If Walt Disney hadn’t got fired from work because of “the lack of imagination” he would probably never open the Disneyland, though before he opened it, he had heard 302 times “NO” from potential sponsors. If Jack Ma had got a job in KFC, he would probably never have found himself on the list of the richest people in the world. Not always denial is something bad, because it can inspire you to create something better, to work on yourself. Did you know that Picasso in his life painted 50 thousand images of which only 100 were considered outstanding? Don’t count on the fact that something will happen immediately, but that something will happen at the right time. Your work must prove that you deserve it. 

“Those who don’t get discouraged, eventually get what they want.”