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Not only sport and diet affect our health and fitness. What else?

March 17, 2020

Everyone knows that in order to be healthy, you need to do sport and take care of your diet. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of Europeans or Americans is not as long as it could be. Most people who have achieved a record in life expectancy come from Asia, specifically Japan. You should answer the question: What do Asians do what other nations don’t do? They meditate and breathe appropriately!

Why do you breathe badly?

We mistakenly believe that our body knows how much air it needs. Here occurs the biggest obstacle in the struggle for health and physical condition: hyperventilation, that is, breathing in more air than needed. Very often the sports career is stuck in place or ends faster than it must because the lungs fail. Patrick McKeown comes with help, the author of the book “The Oxygen Advantage”.

If you breathe better, you increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your body, then you can deliver more oxygen to your muscles and internal organs, thus enhancing your physical abilities.

How to improve your breathing? 2 Rules!

1. Do breathing exercises for holding your breath. We recommend the Wim Hof’s method and the breathing method “1 4 2”

Why is holding your breath so important?

By holding your breath, you reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood which causes the accumulation of carbon dioxide so that every cell of your body is adequately oxygenated, and this translates into much better athletic performance as well as health.  

  1. Breathe through your nose, not your mouth.

Your nose is for breathing and your mouth is for eating.

When a child comes into the world – breathes through the nose, it’s a clear sign that it’s a natural way of breathing for mammals. Our forefathers used breathing through mouth only in life-threatening stituations. In addition, our anatomical structure also indicates that the nose is responsible for breathing – the trachea is positioned in a way that connects the lungs directly to the back wall of the nasal chamber.

These are two principles that you can put into effect right now and observe the positive changes. The topic of breathing is close to us and because of its beneficial and health-related properties we want to provide you with information regularly. So follow us on a regular basis, gain knowledge with us and improve your health and fitness!