monkey mind


October 7, 2019

We can meditate everywhere, anytime, even 3 seconds, 2 seconds while you’re walking, while you’re having coffee or tea, while you’re having a meeting , you can meditate. Many people has a little bit of misunderstanding about meditation. They think meditation means ‘think of nothing,concentrate’. You cannot block thought and emotion. In fact, we need thought and emotion, so whether you listen to your Monkey Mind or not, that’s the issue. What I call monkey mind it’s your chattering mind. Monkey mind is giving your opinion, whether you listen to opinion is up to you. So in meditation, we have to make friends with the monkey mind, but how to make friends? Just giving banana doesn’t work.  The right method is: you need to give job to monkey mind. How to give job to your monkey mind? The simplest meditation-training is: be aware of the breath. So you ask Monkey Mind ‘hey, watch breath’ and monkey mind is ‘oh yeah, good idea’ and be aware of breath . Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in… There is a lot of thoughts that come in the background, don’t care, no problem. As long as you’re not forgetting your breath, everything is ok. You don’t need too much concentration. Just simply be aware of your breath, breathe in and out, in.. Even two breaths, one breath so therefore we can meditate everywhere , anytime.