The method that will give you energy and make you to feel blissful

March 17, 2020

While thinking about a healthy lifestyle, firstly healthy diet comes to our minds. Unfortunately, we omit one nutrient, which is much more important than food or even water – oxygen. We still don’t realize how much impact on our health, endurance and well-being has the air we breathe and the way we do it.

So what can you do?

First of all, try to spend time in nature, breathing fresh air as often as possible. Avoid poisonous nicotine smoke and try not to stay in closed rooms all the time. However, we know that not everyone has the opportunity to go often in the mountains or the sea, but there is another, equally effective method. Breathing exercise.

Method 1:4:2

This is the method that Anthony Robbins recommends. Inhale the air for 1 second, hold for 4, then exhale for 2. You should always breathe through your nose. After a few minutes of this exercise you will feel inner peace, but at the same time the level of your energy will increase.