Marta - The six-time FIFA World Player

March 18, 2022

Marta is often rightly referred to as the “queen of football“. No other female player has been able to maintain her level of performance for almost two decades and has scooped up so many individual prizes.


Marta Vieira da Silva had to dribble past adversity from the start. Raised without a father who left the family when she was just one year old, the future queen of Brazilian football also had to endure poverty, hunger and even prejudice from her own brothers, who disapproved of their little sister’s ball games.


After breaking into professional football, many football experts could not believe a woman was capable of doing what Marta was doing; however, others just sat back and enjoyed one mesmerizing performance after another. Above all, the next generation had in Marta a role model, an encouragement and a confirmation that their dreams could one day come true in a sport that is no longer just for men.


“Marta is the biggest name in women’s football, she won so that we could reach the level we are today,” said Thais Monteiro, a Grota de Niteroi attacking midfielder.


Marta’s personal achievements in the game remain unparalleled, with only the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi matching her six world footballer titles, while even Pelé can’t claim to have scored more goals for Brazil. 15 of those goals came from four World Cup tournaments, beating a record once held by former strikers Birgit Prinz and Abby Wambach. She has also already cracked Miroslav Klose’s World Cup goal scorer.

However, Marta’s achievements are not limited to her exploits on the field, she is also a UN Ambassador and also became the first woman to have her feet immortalized on the Maracana’s Walk of Fame.