Learn how to learn!

March 17, 2020

Probably you have experienced many times a situation in which you wanted to recall something you had learned and known, but the knowledge just evaporated. Sometimes even good grade on the test doesn’t guarantee that you will remember the material for a longer period of time. This is because you probably don’t know learning methods that are really effective. No one has ever taught us how to learn! But we come with help to show you three effective methods of learning:


No one likes exams but it turns out that the tests themselves are great. When we try to recall some information, our brain realizes that it’s important and useful, so we will remember it better. Therefore, while learning you can use flashcards. On one side, write a question/word in your mother tongue, and on the other side put down the answer/definition/word in a foreign language. You don’t have the possibility to peep so all learning is a test! Even the world’s greatest geniuses, who design cars, carry out a “crash test”. Only then you can be really sure that what you’ve done is good, and what you’ve learned is still in your head.


Do you know what was permanent in this master’s workouts? Differentiation! Contrary to what you may think, during the training, he didn’t train one punch to perfection, but he did a variety of exercises alternately. Scientists have checked whether it works in learning and it turned out that ,,interleaved practice” is much more effective than learning “in turn.” It’s a challenge to your brain! While learning math do tasks with the use of different patterns, learning a foreign language during one lesson, practice a little reading, a little listening, a little grammar and speaking, and being on the pitch do not practice just one trick!

As Albert Einstein would say, it’s insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Therefore, if your previous methods have failed, try something new. Don’t read one text several times, read once and test your knowledge – the test is also a science! Give yourself time to forget a little bit to recall the material again and take care of the variety of tasks, because bored brain is never effective.


Text based on the book “Break into your brain” (pl. ,,Włam się do mózgu”) by Radosława Kotarski.