If your teachers tell you you’re weak, you should read it…


September 7, 2019

How many times have you heard that to succeed you need to learn a lot and have good grades because success is for wise people? Children whose names are on a roll of honor are said to achieve a lot in life. But what about those who are not on it? What with children whose grades were worse and teachers told them that they’re lazy, mediocre or weak?

  • Let’s look at the case of William Shockley – Nobel laureate and the inventor of transistor. As a child, he took part in a very interesting experiment. Researches gave a group of children an IQ test, noted down the names of those who had the highest score and observed their development. The experiment was supposed to prove that high intelligence quotient is a determinant of life success. Indeed, the experiment proved something totally opposite because small William wasn’t on the list of remarkable children and in the future, he was awarded with the highest honor that physicist can get – Nobel Prize.

  • How do teachers remember Lionel Messi? As a shy, lazy, insular sleepyhead without the willingness to learn. Are those the features of someone who in the future would be one of the best football players in the world, role model, and businessman? The problem is that teachers focused only on their subject and results in one, specific field. Maybe Leo wasn’t good at French and did little about it but it shouldn’t define him as someone lazy because while playing football, he became a ball of fire. He didn’t devote much time to things that weren’t interesting to him and, thanks to it, he could focus on something he really liked and became a master at it!

  • Have you heard that Albert Einstein didn’t get into Polytechnic because of his poor results from humanities? The future genius since the very beginning didn’t show any skills in those fields. His parents were worried that he started to talk very late. It taught him to think in pictures instead of words and it helped him to create “The theory of relativity“ using “thought experiments”. There is a term, devised by Thomas Sowell, named ,,Einstein Syndrome” that describes particularly intelligent, clever people who developed the ability to speak relatively late. Who would have thought that it can be an advantage?

  • Antoine Griezmann – already as a child he dreamed about being a football player, but coaches of French clubs rejected him because of his small stature. They told him that he is too short and too thin and he would never be a football player. If small Antoine had listened to them, nowadays he wouldn’t play in Atletico Madrid and French Representation. Because of the physique also Laurent Kościelny and Franck Ribéry were rejected. There are no doubts that coaches were wrong but if their negative opinions caused that the young aficionados of football abandoned their dreams, they would never get to know how much they can achieve. Who knows how many young talents wasted because of unfavorable coaches’ opinions?

The aim of this article is to show you that you don’t have to or even can’t be good at everything. 

Even the biggest geniuses had weak points and problems in some fields. But because they focused on what they really adored, they became experts in it. You can’t be successful at everything, you can achieve success in one, specific field that you will be the best at. Think about what you are passionate about the most, whether it’s sport, art or science – be the best at it! It doesn’t matter what others think about you. Teachers, parents, coaches – they don’t know all your talents, predispositions or skills. They cannot say how much you will achieve. There is only one person who can check it. It’s you!