How to succeed when you don't have talent?

February 13, 2020

Firstly, you need you understand this: people who have achieved great success haven’t done it thanks to genetic conditions. The myth is that we’re born with abilities that are unchangable. It’s a lie that some are born clever or intelligent, and the rest will never be. Our brain is flexible and adoptable and we can formand develop it through our work.

Neuroplastics is a field of science that has proven that our brain is constantly evolving and changing- at any age! We aren’t born with a brain geared towards a specific subject. Throughout our lives, we develop networks of neurons that are responsible for our abilities. Hence the saying practice makes perfect, which is 100% true!

Anders Ericsson, who spent many years researching about IQ and hard work, said that Einstein, Mozart and Newton weren’t born special. They worked it out! What was unique in them were perseverance, diligence and constant stimulation of their brains with difficult tasks, not any innate abilities. In one of our articles, we already wrote that Einstein didn’t get into college and began to speak very late. Read more.

Amazing story

When Nicholas started school, the teachers told his parents that he was the worst student they had in the last 20 years and that his IQ was very low. But his mother didn’t believe them. She took care of his education. In 2018, she published a book in which she describes her work with her son (“Inverted”). In the same year, Nicholas Letchford defended his Doctorate in Applied Mathematics at Oxford University!

And this is just one of many such cases. In the following articles, you’ll learn more stories and scientific researches that shows how much control you have over your brain and your abilities.

How to develop the brain?

Brain research has discovered something surprising. The key to brain development is to do difficult and challenging things and making mistakes during it! Then brain activity is the biggest, neuronal networks strengthen and synapses in the brain light up, which means brain development.

THEREFORE constantly challenge yourself, do new and demanding things, let yourself make mistakes and then correct them and appreciate the effort you have to put into doing something, because it brings you closer to development of amazing abilities! 

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Research has shown that when students at school are divided into a better and worse groups, children from the disadvantaged group are less motivated and therefore do worse. They do worse because they try less, not because they are weaker! International studies have shown that the best results are achieved by those schools that don’t divide children into better and worse groups.

Therefore, if you tell yourself that you are weak and incapable, then that will actually be the case. But if you live in the belief that you will get whatever you want, that’s what it will be! This is the so-called self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford

The article written on the basis of the book “The brain that changes itself” by Dr Norman Doidge