Why do people not believe in themselves?

April 1, 2021

Have you heard that 75% of billionaires have started from scratch, and most of them come from very poor families?

Have you noticed that many great footballers don’t have any relatives who have been successful in football?

But unfortunately such successful people who have fulfilled their greatest dreams are very few. Look around and count how small the percentage is.

Why? Because there is still such a limiting belief that our genes are responsible for who we become and what we achieve. Many people follow in their parents’ footsteps not because they want to, but because they were indoctrinated with such a model in childhood and blindly follow it. There are so few people who have radically changed their fate because so few people are trying.

If only they believed that our organisms can adapt to our environment, which we can change (a scientifically proven theory), they could design their own lives as this small group of successful people did.

Remember: You decide your fate and destiny!

How to take matters into your own hands?

Dr. Bruce Lipton described a very interesting experience. In India, small elephants’ one leg is tied to a pole with a strong rope. The animal tries to free itself, but of course it is not strong enough. Since then, the animal associates the rope with enslavement and something stronger. When the elephant becomes a strong animal, and its leg is tied with a rope- it doesn’t even try to break free! In fact, the animal could easily break the rope, but it will never know about it, because the associations are so strong that the rope itself frighten the elephant.

This example perfectly demonstrates how our childhood experiences and associations affect our adult lives and limit us.

For example, if someone had a problem with his peers who teased him at school or simply wasn’t so popular, in adulthood he keeps off the company and doesn’t even try to meet new people. Such a person, unfortunately, will never find that he can be the life of the party and have many true friends.

If someone in childhood had learning difficulties, bad grades, and maybe even heard from teachers unsasy comments about his intelligence, then in adulthood such a person gives up learning new things e. g. languages, because he assumes in advance that this will not work, because in his subconscious there are still those limiting beliefs indoctrinated in childhood.

Interestingly, in the UK 300 millionaires, who work thier way up to success, were surveyed. 44% of them had dyslexia and 61% were not perfect students.

This means that if you determine your intellectual skills based on your school performance, you may be deprived of the chance to become e.g. a millionaire. What do you say?

  • If our environment affects how our body reacts, you have to take care of it. First of all, cut yourself off from toxic people, and start surrounding yourself with people, things and activities which you like and which motivate and uplift you.

Take this seriously, for example, on social media stop following people who pretend to have the perfect life and drive you into complexes, and start following those who share knowledge and motivate you to act.

  • The latest research shows that 90% of all diseases are caused by stress. Learn how to deal with stress and try to avoid it at all costs (this is combined with the first point, toxic people =a lot of stress)
  • Think about the limiting beliefs you have learned about yourself in your childhood and try to get rid of them. As a child, you were shy, but you dream of being a more open person? Start working on it, think of yourself as a brave person, take small steps e.g. try to tell one story while you are with other people and your body will adapt to a new environment.

Can everything be learned?

We have already written in our articles about neuroplasticity of the brain, namely that our brain is able to learn and develop throughout our life. If you dream of learning something new, you just need to practice it with enthusiasm, and you will succeed – no matter how old you are.

(More here: https://younr1. com/how-to-succeed-when-you-dont-have-talent/)

Just because you have never been good at something or you are still not, it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. After all, Michael Jordan did not get into the school basketball team, and still became the best basketball player in the world. Robert Lewandowski struggled to score a goal, and today he is the top footballer and the best player in the world (2020). If you reject misconceptions about yourself, even if sometimes you fail, then you are able to fulfill your dreams!

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Just as an elephant doesn’t know how much strength it has, you don’t know how much you can achieve until you try.