How to become charming?

October 7, 2019

Charming people often get more chances, others are drawn to them, they’re treated better. Probably, you think you have to be born with it but it’s not true, you can learn it. The book “The Power of Charm” by Brian Tracy and Ron Arden comes with help. In this article, you’ll find the most important information included in the book.

How to charm everyone?
  • Everyone adores feeling special. That’s why you should make the person that you want to charm, feel special. Most of all, focus on him/her. When you talk with someone, don’t use your phone, don’t tie your shoes, don’t look around, don’t interrupt. Maintain eye contact – really important! Look at his/her eyes, listen carefully and show it using words like “Exactly”, “I understand”, or nodding your head. The person should feel important that and you’re interested in what he/she is saying.

  • Be happy at the sight of him/her! When someone greets us with a wide smile, our self-confidence rises and we feel that being with that person will be a pleasure for us. It also induces trust.

  • Appreciate that person, praise him/her for what she/he managed to do. Everyone likes compliments, especially those unexpected. Then, this person feels important and appreciated. Those feelings will make her/him willing to spend time with you.

  • Wait before you answer. When your interlocutor has just finished his/her utterance, wait several seconds. This way, you show that what this person said is important to you and you want to think it over. It enforces his/her self-esteem and you can really think about what your companion just has said and it’s always a good idea!

How to charm a woman?

Something different acts on women and men. For women, the source of self-esteem is the quality of their relationships. They put more emphasis on external appearance and the way they are treated. That’s why you should show a woman your care – help her to open the bottle, hold the door for her, pull her chair, ask her how she’s feeling. Women like when their appearance is appreciated, especially when they put a lot of effort into it. It’s worth complimenting what you like in a woman and don’t forget to add the compliment about her character or behavior.


Some comedian actress once said: ,,I love to go to my therapist. For hours I talk only about myself, like a man on a first date”. Exactly! Men tend to talk only about themselves, brag about themselves and put themselves in a good light. This way they want to impress women but they only turn them off. Don’t talk all the time about yourself, ask about her hobbies, favorite color, dreams ,etc. Listen to her carefully, show her you’re interested in her.

How to charm a man?

The source of self-esteem for men is from his achievements, status, and respect from others. That’s why the rule is simple: appreciate his accomplishments. Appreciate his work and results, commend his effort. A man will be charmed when you appreciate his capability to achieve success. If you ask him of something he knows a lot about, he will feel like an expert what will raise his self-confidence and he will like to be with you. It is said that behind every successful man stands a woman. This is what is so charming about women, that they can motivate men to act, to become better. If you praise what he managed to do, he won’t rest on his laurels because he will want to impress you even more.

The article written on the basis of the article “The Power of Charm” by Brian Tracy and Ron Arden.