September 16, 2021

Despite suffering from the Long Covid Syndrome, German wrestler Frank Stäbler won the bronze medal in the weight class up to 67 kg at the Olympic Games. After a tough fight he missed the gold medal against the eventual winner, but at least he managed to win the long-desired medal. What an extraordinary achievement for a top athlete who had to deal with the long-term consequences of a Covid-19 infection. We are impressed and wonder how such a success is even possible under such difficult circumstances? Studies have shown that Stäbler had 20% less lung volume than before his illness. With such a loss of performance, a placement in the top Olympic group is not to be expected. Frank Stäbler managed it anyway by working specifically on his physical deficits. He hired a specialized breathing coach who helped him to restore the performance of his lungs through targeted breathing exercises. We are not surprised by his success because we wrote a long time ago that the right breathing technique can greatly increase performance and that the consequences of the corona disease are also mitigated as a result of specialized breathing techniques. Many top athletes use such techniques to improve their performance. Frank Stäbler swears by the so-called “power breathing” technique, with 180 quick breaths per minute. On our website Younr1.com we present our users several breathing techniques that can be integrated into everyday life at any time to improve their own athletic and mental performance because we know that a healthy body also promotes mental abilities.

So use our knowledge and find out how you can improve your breathing in order to achieve the optimal level of performance. We are happy to share our knowledge with you!