Ancient and modern knowledge, the key to success and health in life

November 10, 2020

To be successful in sport and in your private life, you sometimes need access to the extensive knowledge of earlier times. This knowledge has been gathered over millennia and can help people in modern times to optimize themselves and to master seemingly insurmountable problems.

            Many modern researchers like neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman confirm that you can constantly improve by working on yourself and stimulating the synapses in your brain so that they reconnect. This works best through frequent exercise. In high-performance sports, you can see that the players who train more than the coach expects, are often able achieve a higher performance level. Robert Lewandowski is the best example of this kind of improvement. The project offers young footballers a comprehensive package by combining old knowledge with modern knowledge and by providing young football players with a workout package containing numerous high-quality football tricks. With diligence and the necessary stamina, a young football player can take the first, important steps toward becoming a star like Messi or Lewandowski. Only offers such a comprehensive package of compressed knowledge that it is easily understandable. By combining knowledge that is thousands of years old with modern knowledge such as neuroplasticity, we create a unique knowledge pool that will help to optimize your life.

Even Goethe knew that the first step is usually the most important and Buddha said that our thoughts create our successes and defeats. These statements are in complete agreement with Huberman’s concept of neuroplasticity. We can always improve at any age, even if many people don’t believe in life-long improvement. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic won Grand Slam tournaments in their 30s. Why? Because they totally believe in their own abilities and are still constantly improving at their age. That is also the goal of We want you to constantly improve and believe that you can become the No.1 at any time and at any discipline. We cultivate a holistic approach to life, which means that we see the world as an interconnected creation and thus want to convey that all people are connected to one another and that we also influence each another. In sports or in your private life, try to look for the people who fit you energetically because this means that learning football tricks will be more fun. We want you to believe that you can get a little better every day and that you can feel like a true winner. There are no limits to your mind, as Picasso, who said that everything you imagine can also become real, already knew. makes this comprehensive knowledge available to all people who want to optimize themselves in a compressed and easily understandable way.

            Your future athletic and mental success is now within your grasp!