From zero to Hero. Stories of amazing athletes

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October 8, 2019

Do you think that you can’t make your dreams come true because you don’t have money for the best football boots, you’re short or your parents don’t support your idea? We often resign from setting ambitious goals because it seems to us we lack something. Indeed, we lack only one: self-belief! The rest we can make up for.

Those are the stories of athletes who, despite their weaknesses, achieved a lot because they believed in themselves and worked persistently on what they dreamt about.

1. Rivaldo

The legend of football, the world champion in 2002. His story is blood-curdling! Because of malnutrition, he lost his teeth and suffered from rickets. Instead of going to school like other children, he had to work and after work, he played football. His father believed that the only way to get out of abject poverty is becoming a football player by one of his sons. Unfortunately, the only breadwinner of the 7-person family died in a tragic accident. Rivaldo gave up football for a month, but after that, he decided to make his father dream come true. He didn’t get discouraged even when he had to go 9 miles for training!

When I played in Santa Cruz or Mogi Mirim, I was told I’m not the best at it. Nobody believed in me – Rivaldo

Seven years later he became the best football player in the world.

2. Muggsy Bogues

He is 158 cm tall and became the World Champion in basketball! Most people with such height (or even much taller) wouldn’t dare to dream about playing in NBA. Luckily, Muggsy dared and all the time believed that by his hard work and persistence, he can make up for his short height. What happened then? While playing in USA National Basketball Team, he became the World Champion in basketball, he played in NBA for 14 years. So, if your short friend tells you he wants to be a basketball player – don’t laugh at him.

3. Brendan Laroux

Do you still think that the lack of good boots or ball is an obstacle to your dreams? Or maybe that you have bad luck in life? Maybe this person can persuade you. For the whole life, he was dreaming about being a professional hockey player but at the age of 12, he lost his legs. Did he give up his dreams? Absolutely not! „I trained every day. People thought I’m crazy. They said I can’t be a professional hockey player without legs. I didn’t listen to them” When Brendan joined the team people said he managed to do it only because of the coach’s pity. It motivated him even more to work harder, but… 2 years later, doctors informed him it’s necessary to amputate his wrists. Even though, in 1997, he became the first professional hockey player without legs and hands! It was probably the best time in his life but his problems with health didn’t cease. Two days later, it turned out that his rib cage was backward and nothing protected his spine. He had done the risky operation of muscles transplant that lasted 720 hours! He came back in a great form but shortly after that… He contracted scurvy, went bankrupt, and his wife was eaten by wolves. Did it make him depressed? Not at all! His problems didn’t cease exactly like his belief in dreams and will to fight! He became the inspiration not only for disabled people but for everyone. He showed that no matter what happens, you have to go ahead and fight for your dreams!

We hope that these stories inspired you to fight for your dreams and let you appreciate what you have. You should realize that nowadays it’s easier to achieve success than in the past so don’t waste your chance!