5th force

September 7, 2019

The power that can change everything

There is a force that can influence and change all other forces, and that is called the 5th force by scientists.
It exists in addition to gravity, electromagnetism and strong and weak nuclear power. This power is based on the transmission of energetic-synchronous energies from person to person. When we think of someone close to us, we can often feel and sometimes also influence this person’s feelings and emotions. How can this fact be explained? This ability, known by many as telepathy, really exists and is based precisely on this 5th force of nature, which reveals itself to humans in non-verbal exchanges. In this context we speak of a coherent mind, which man radiates. This coherent mind is based on synchronous energies, which always occur when an alpha bridge connects the conscious mind with theta and delta waves, so that the human being can use his/her coherent mind. All waves, no matter what frequency they run on, are ultimately just energy. The more synchronous the energies are, the higher the likelihood that a relationship can work in the long-term.

It is a fact, that human beings are influenced by more than just biochemical processes. Many changes can only be explained by quantum entanglement, which is the basis of many energetic-synchronous processes. It has been proven that a human being alone can change the results of an experiment by his/her presence. In science, this phenomenon is called the observer-effect. If only the presence of one person is enough to bring about such a change, then it is logical that two people using the same coherent mind become even more involved and attracted to each other, when the fifth force influences their synchronous consciousness. Many recognized forms of physical teaching and meditation such as Tai Chi rely on this power, although most people are unaware of it. For humans, using this power can also be a decisive advantage in finding a partner. When we become aware of the fifth power, we can then use it to find a soul-mate who really suits us.
This is how it works in practice

The key question is how to use this knowledge in practice. We show our users how easy it is to integrate this knowledge into their partner search. Our premise is:


Use all your mental abilities so that you can use your coherent mind.


Believe that your coherent mind is the key to finding your soul mate through synchronous energies.


People get involved with each other because their energies matches. Believe that your 10 and you will find your 10!