What to do when others laugh at me?

May 18, 2020

If your team or school mates often tease you or laugh at you-this article is definitely for you! First, remember that not only you’re in such a situation, everyone meets unkind or even mean. Secondly, there isn’t anything wrong with you but with the person who teases you. Apparently he/she has problems with himself and insecurities and tries to lace on you. If someone is happy he wants to share his happiness, if someone is unhappy then he tries to make other unhappy as well.

How should you react?

When such a person sees that what he does touches you, he will feel satisfaction and will tease you even more. But when he sees that you don’t care at all he’ll understand that there’s no point in teasing you. But the main thing is that you should really don’t care about it, and even it should motivate you to show that person your value! Just like… John Arne Riise.

John Arne Riise– as a child he was ridiculed and bullied at school because of the way he looked like. In 2005, after winning the Champions League final, he returned to his hometown, went to McDonald’s, where worked a man who teased him at school. He went there to show him the medal for winning the Champions League. The footballer also published a book about it, so maybe it’s worth it for you to read it.

Robert Lewandowski– today he is an idol but he used to be ridiculed in a very mean way. When he started to play for Borussia Dortmund,  WDR television created a video showing him as a failure who can’t even hit the toilet! In addition, he got the nickname “Lewandoofski” from the word doof which means stupid. And today he is considered the best player of Bayern Munich and has achieved things that people who laugh at him can only dream of.

Cristiano Ronaldo– when he moved out from Madera to Lisbon to play in Sporting CP other mocked him becaue of his accent. There was even a situation that he threw a chair at the teacher because he had had enough. He confessed many times that it was extremely difficult time for him. But finally, CR7 has made a huge career, unlike his mean mates who nowadays admire him for sure.

What should you do?

Take the example of these three players (although there are many more examples, not just from the world of football). Do your thing anyway! Remember, these people are only temporarily in your life- soon you can never see them again. But they can see you on the big screen J

Turn this negative energy into strength to act, fight for your dreams and don’t waste time on people who don’t mean anything in your life. And remember: what goes around, comes.

*Remember, if the situation is dangerous or someone doesn’t want to leave you in peace even though you ignore him/her, talk to your coach/teacher or parent. Such person can’t feel  unpunished and deprive you of joy of e.g. playing football.