What is the secret of the paleo diet?

February 25, 2021

Contrary to appearances, it is not about eating like ancient people, as the name may suggest, because it is simply impossible. The idea is to eat and live as much as possible in harmony with nature and human physiology. We are designed to move a lot and eat natural foods without chemicals. And that’s what the paleo diet is based on!

Why is it worth it?

Some tips:

  • Eat instinctively, depending on how you feel. One day we may need more carbohydrates, and another day e.g. more fat. When we move a lot, we need to consume more calories.
  • Eat local foods because of the bacterial flora your body is used to. It is best to find local farmers who raise their animals and sell meat, milk or eggs. There is a good chance that they do not use antibiotics because they do not produce food on a large scale.
  • Eat seasonal foods. Primitive people ate what they hunted and had no way of storing it, so such food is natural to us.
  • Eat whole animals. They are designed in such a way that we provide ourselves with a complete set of vitamins and minerals after eating the whole thing. So don’t forget pluck e.g. liver.