Rafa wins this 21st Grand Slam and becomes motivational world champion

February 4, 2022

Life isn’t just a one- way street. Everyone should internalize this truth. However, the people who have internalized absolute motivation are only motivated by setbacks and keep coming back to reach the next level of success. Despite many injury-related setbacks in recent years, Rafael Nadal recently clinched his 21st Grand Slam title in a fantastic comeback match at the Australian Open and is now a step above his two great rivals Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

We saw how this man can motivate himself to improve his performance again and again in apparently hopeless match situations in the exciting final against Medvedev when he was already 0:2 behind in the sets and 2:3 in the third set.

Anyone who manages to turn the tables on his opponent in such a game in a Grand Slam final needs several qualities that are combined in his metal strength: belief in yourself, to never give up, love yourself unconditionally, trust in your own team, absolute self-confidence and of course the dream to win the 21. Grand Slam as the 1st man in history. You don’t have to hide the fact that Nadal suffered from an injury for almost 6 months, could hardly train and was already thinking about ending his career.

For those who are less familiar with tennis, the comparison can be drawn to the final of the football World Cup, where a team is down 2-0 at half time and then equalizes in the 90th minute and scores the winning goal in extra time to make it 5-4.

What can you learn from this tales in sports, at school, at work and in your private life? If you can always motivate yourself, there is no real limit!

Through the story about Rafa we not only want to inspire you, but above all, motivate you to new deeds: Forge dreams as if you would live forever! Act now and amaze yourself.

In this video, Rafa also displays incredible technical footballing skills that the best footballer players should try to replicate.