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How to do football training at home?

March 17, 2020

If you’re not able to train for a while you can still improve your football skills. We want to show you an amazing method which you should incorporate permanently into your plan. Why? Because it’s the perfect complement to your workouts that will maximize their effectiveness. What do you need to do? Just… imagine that you’re training!

Training in thoughts improves the results in sports! How is this possible?

Your brain doesn’t distinguish what’s really going on from what you imagine. It interprets your ideas as reality and reacts as if it really happens. This method is used by prominent surgeons, pilots, athletes and even the U.S. military to improve their performance in the field.

The world’s most famous golf coach, Alex Morrison, has developed a special thought program for golfers. It’s all about visualizing and imagining that you’re playing golf, which translates into much better results in a real game.

Sports psychologists know the benefits of such training, that’s why every outstanding athlete does such a “mental training” in his/her own home to improve results.

How to do such a workout?

It’s important to imagine your training in such a way that you feel it’s really happening. Engage all your senses! Close your eyes. Imagine what you’re doing (e.g. shooting in football) as accurately as possible. Transport your mind to this place, feel in your whole body that you’re really doing it. Try to really feel the effort. If you imagine you’re exercising at the gym, feel that the weights you’re lifting are heavy, you put effort into it. This way you can fool your brain!

An experiment that confirms the results

In the program “Trust me, I am a doctor” Dr. Michael Mosley did the test on seven volunteers. Firstly, they did physical exercises in the lab, then they only imagined the chosen movement they had previously done on the machine for a month, five times a week, for at least 15 minutes. What were the results?

Everyone after the experiment was able to use more muscle fibers, making the exercised muscle much more effective. The record holder increased muscle efficiency by 33%! In a month! Only by Visualization!

Who is such a training for?

There are of course more such experiments, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with them. Mental training is an ideal option when you can’t train, but also as a workout supplement to make the results much better.

We also encourage you the check this quote. It describes how to hone your skills using your mind: