Is it too late to be a football player?


October 7, 2019

While reading biographies of famous football players we often get to know that they started to play football at the age of 4-5. Does it mean that if you didn’t start to play as a small child you don’t have any chance to achieve something in sport? Fortunately, no!

Indeed, Messi started to practice very early but remember that he had many problems with health and injuries that excluded him from training and made his development harder. Many football players like Ronaldo, Rivaldo or Diego Maradona come from very poor families, sometimes they didn’t have anything to eat. But you can take care of your diet that will help you in regeneration and building strength that can speed up progress. You don’t have to debut in the Premier League as a teenager. You have to work on it so it will happen in the future. In this article, you’ll find examples that it’s possible.

Ian Wright – he worked as a plasterer. He sent many letters to London’s clubs, he went for tests but was rejected all the time. By the time because at the age of 28, he signed a contract with Arsenal and one year later he became the best goalscorer in the history of the club.

Jamie Vardy – by the time, he was 25, he didn’t play football professionally. At the age of 16, he heard that he’s terrible and can’t be a football player. He started his job in the factory and played amateur football. It was spotted that this slim striker is quite good on the field. However, he had many problems in his personal life. He got six months’ suspended sentence for a fight and after 6 p.m. he couldn’t leave his house. He had to train with a special chip and be always on time at home. Finally, he was spotted, the club from Championship bought him for a million pounds from the amateur club. Unfortunately, Jamie wasn’t able to deal with the pressure and high income, he started to drink. Many times, he went to the match drunk. Thankfully, he pulled himself together and despite his age and adversaries, he made his biggest dream come true!

Gareth McAuley – defender of Ireland National Team didn’t play in a professional club until he was 24.


Miroslav Klose – he engaged in football at the age of 19 when he finished school. He often sat on the reserve bench and it was said that he didn’t have talent as Ronaldo or Messi but he made it up by his hard work. And this way, thanks to his persistence, he became the most efficient player in the history of the German National Team and currently, he’s the most efficient player of the World Cup.


Frank Lampard – he joined the junior club at the age of 16. When he said at school that he wanted to be a football player, everyone burst into laughter – also his teacher who told him he was too self-confident.

Mathieu Valbuena – he decided that he wants to play football professionally at the age of 20. Of course, nothing happened immediately but thanks to his persistence and hard work he was noticed. When he was 26, he was called up to National Team.

Rickie Lambert – he started to play in his first club at the age of 16, in England National Team he debuted when he was 32! He still plays and he’s already 37.

Carlos Salcido – the Mexican player firstly kicked the ball when he was 11, in his first football club he started to play at the age of 20.

In the whole world, there are many more such cases, not only in football. Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski and Gareth Barry declare that they will play football professionally until they’re 40. So just see how many years of playing ahead of you! And what’s even more motivating, scientists claim that the best predispositions to develope your muscles you have when you’re 25. Practice, get enough sleep, eat healthy, gain knowledge and live your dream!