Alexia Putellas - The world’s best female soccer player

March 10, 2022

2021 was remarkable for the 27-year-old in many ways. The midfielder scored 18 goals in 31 league games and helped Barcelona to a record La Liga season.

Putellas also excelled in the Champions League final, providing a goal and an assist in a 4-0 win against Chelsea, the highest win in a UEFA Women’s Champions League final.

Alexia is often involved in many decisive game situations and is also actively sought out by her teammates. It doesn’t usually matter if she’s dribbled diagonally on defense or shielding the ball with an opponent behind her, she almost always makes the right decision, forcing her opponents into flawed defensive situations. Her clean ball control and excellent foresight help her in these situations.

If the positional attack flags, this is usually not a problem. Alexia manages to trick the defense with sudden, selective dribbles against the dynamic, which often ends in good final positions for her or her teammates. Due to their excellent understanding of the game, her teams are almost always in a very good staggering, in order not only to be able to radiate omnipresent goal danger, but also to immediately get into profitable counter-pressing situations after losing the ball. This is supported by an extremely disciplined approach from the back rows. Her incredible athleticism allows Alexia to actively seek duels in pressing situations, as well as to initiate pressing in the front line, covering long distances in the process.

In this respect, Alexia is more than a system player. She not only enables this – tactically outstanding – team from Giráldez with her role and her qualities, she potentiates this very interesting system with her sporadic, atypical outbursts of magic.

Here you can take a look yourself at Alexia’s superior skills