Ben Franklin

Most men die from the neck up by the age of 25 because they stop dreaming.

Stu Mittleman

Stu Mittleman, a runner who has completed a 1000 mile run, after which he looked and felt better than before it, has demonstrated that being aware that health and fitness are not the same is essential. He never hit the wall in spite of running eighty four miles a day.
Stu Mittleman claims that we can maintain physical strength until old age and even then develop it. We don’t have to be weak, once we’re old!
Anyone can achieve endurance and vitality by consciously deciding to condition their body’s chemistry.
We are not limited by our old age; we are liberated by it.

(Anthony Robbins, 1992)

The most exciting news of it all is that, like all patterns that give us pleasure, exercise can become a positive addiction.

(Robert K. Cooper, 2006)

Tests conducted on the most successful men and women working in various branches and disciplines indicate that almost all of them have longer time horizons than other people.