Guardiola & Neymar

June 9, 2021

Will Pep Guardiola manage to win another Champions League final at some point in his career? Can Neymar finally be voted the officially best footballer in the world? What is preventing the two of them from achieving absolute success again?

Pep has repeatedly made the same mistakes in big international games. YourN1 wrote an article about Pep’s problems in big matches back in 2016, shortly before his move from Bayern Munich to Manchester City.

Pep’s big problem is that his ego doesn’t allow him to listen to outside feedback.

The best dribbler in the world, Brazilian star Neymar, makes the same mistake practically in every game by dribbling on the whole field instead of just on a third of the opposing field near the goal. This way he wastes too much energy for ineffective movements.  As with Pep Guardiola his ego does not allow him to listen to feedback from outside that could improve crucial aspects of his game.

The old saying that some people would rather be right than be successful applies to both Pep Guardiola and Neymar. Of course, both still have the opportunity to reach their full potential if they would occasionally take good advice.