The historic defeat in the German Cup

November 4, 2021

What are the reasons for Bayern’s terrible defeat in the German Cup?

As is well known by experts, the coaching team is primarily responsible for the successes and failures of a team. In the past 2 years, Bayern Munich has celebrated some of the greatest successes in the club’s history, including winning the Champions League with most of today’s bosses and head coach Hansi Flick. During this time, Hansi Flick succeeded in building a synchronous and resonant team around Lewandowski, Neuer, Kimmich and other top stars, who understood and respected each other intuitively, through the successful implementation of Flick’s tactical system.

After this very successful period, Hansi Flick left the club and is now coaching the German national team.  The Bayern job was taken over by new coach Julian Nagelsmann. Under his leadership, the team also achieved top results both in the Bundesliga and internationally. Then why this freak result all of a sudden?

The Bayern bosses had avoided a contract extension negotiation with Robert Lewandowski. As a result, he began to fill insecurely. He did not score a goal in the following 5 games. He complained that his teammates were not alluding to him enough (YouNr1 can confirm this statement). Salihamidžić is already talking about a potential successor to Lewandowski as, for example, Dortmund star Haaland. Schweinsteiger says that Jorginho should win the Ballon d’Or. In his opinion, he is most deserving of the title. Lothar Matthäus’ statement is also relevant, who thinks that Lewandowski is still missing major successes in the national team to win the Ballon d’Or. All of these statements have very likely led to a feeling of insecurity in Robert Lewandowski and therefore had a negative impact on his recent performance.

The question remains whether that was the intention of the Bayern bosses, or is it simply the lack of clear reasoning? We should probably remember that in the ranking of goals scored since 2017, Lewandowski is leading with 200 goals, ahead of such world stars as like Messi with 168 goals, Ronaldo with 151 goals, Mbappe with 138, Salah with 137, and Benzema with 110 goals.

This lack of foresight is a serious problem in any team, as every player’s abilities are based on automatism. These automatisms are enforced in training, but the really profitable automatisms can only be developed through active, regular play. So if Robert Lewandowski is not fully integrated into the game regularly, it can happen that in difficult games like against Gladbach,  the team is looking for him in important moments,  and suddenly, when it matters most, is unable to find him because the automatisms on the pitch are simply missing at this point in time.

It remains to be seen whether the management plays Russian roulette on purpose or out of a lack of a clear vision of the future.

Modest midfield star Joshua Kimmich, who has been a role model for thousands of young people, was sharply criticized for his statement about his scepticism of the Covid-19 vaccination. Apparently, the management did not ensure that Kimmich was given the correct information on this important subject and he didn’t cut a good figure in the game either. Another important player, Lucas Hernandez has been dealing with his private affairs lately and it is also true that there were no successful contract extensions for players like Kingsley Coman and Niklas Süle.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann won all official games with Bayern Munich up to the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach. He brought several new players before the start of the season. We cannot conclusively assess whether these purchases were a good idea, yet. It also remains to be seen whether the tendency to make oneself less dependent on Lewandowski will lead to long-term success for the team. Right now, we are sceptical.  

Nagelsmann himself suffered from Corona and was therefore unable sit on the bench during the game. That could also have been decisive for the match. The coach is both the heart and the brain of a team. The coach emanates the decisive type of energy and the team members always feel this energy in a positive or negative way. However, it can be objectively stated that Julian Nagelsmann is usually one of the most optimistic coaches in the world. Thus he usually radiates the vital energy that is worth gold on the pitch.

But the question arises how quickly does he regain his old energy level that he mostly emanated before his illness?

In addition to these factors, Borussia Mönchengladbach has excellent players and new coach Adi Hütter has managed to quickly build a great and competitive team.

Almost all of the players should be mentioned. But in this match, Breel Embolo stood out in particular. He was the player of the day for us during this spectacular match.