Robert Lewandowski - How did he reach his peak form?

December 20, 2019

Robert Lewandowski admits that the endurance test he took before the season has shown that he’s in the best form in his career! This year he’s already scored 57 goals and he leads on the list of scored goals in all games! How did he do that? Here’s what he revealed in a conversation with the polish newspaper “Fakt”:

  • He excluded meat from his diet. He isn’t a vegetarian but he tries to improve his diet all the time and he decided to check how the meat-free diet would affect him. As we can see – perfectly!
  • Robert after training stays for additional classes with a temporary coach Hans Flick. He practices the technique, tactical behaviors and free kicks. Practice makes perfect!
  • Additional training means additional time for recovery . Only if you’re fully rested you can give 100% of yourself!
  • Robert explains that happy family events motivate him very much and affect every aspect of his life. As he says, “energy and strength to everyday activities come from the family and help a lot on the field.”
  • Robert emphasizes the importance of focusing and concentration. Sometimes the decision has to be taken within a fraction of a second, if you hesitate-you can lose the chance of your life. Therefore, while entering the field there’s nothing more than the match and your desire to win!
  • Age is just a number. Robert is going to play football for many more years, he knows that by taking care of his health and form he can prolong his football career and still play at the highest level. He made his peak form at the age of 31 years!

If you also want to be in top form remember to train every aspect of the game. If you see weak spots, work on them as much as possible. Maybe sometimes it’s worth to stay longer on the field? Don’t neglect your sleep and take care of your diet. Check what works for you and what doesn’t. If you feel bad after dairy or meat – try to exclude them from your diet for some time and replenishing the protein in a different way. Be sure to have a full focus during matches so you don’t miss any opportunity. Also take care of your relationships with loved ones, and like Robert, never rest on your laurels!