Best Coaches of the Last 10 years

September 30, 2020

The list presented here is based on our personal opinion and the parameters we have created. We are aware that it is possible to name many other coaches who have also achieved great things.

If you have a different opinion, you are welcome to write and explain it in the comments.

1 Jürgen Klopp

 Jürgen Klopp  or “The Normal One” as he called himself during his first press conference in Liverpool. This contrasts with Jose Mourinho, who called himself the “Special One”. The “Normal One” has long since surpassed the “Special One” in reputation. This shows how quickly things can change.

As a coach, before moving to Dortmund in the 2008/2009 season, he worked at the unspectacular small Club Mainz 05 for a few years. But even then it could be suspected that he would probably become on of the all-time greats. His stint  in Dortmund is still remembered by Bundesliga fans as one of the most spectacular, because he transformed the team from the Ruhr area into the long-term No.2 of Germany behind Bayern. In 2012 and 2013 Klopp’s team superseded Bayern as No.1. In 2013 he had to admit defeat to Bayern Munich 1:2 in the Champions League final. His departure from Dortmund in 2015 was of course very emotional. And he is still unforgotten today, so that many fans wish that Klopp would come back.

In 2015 he moved to Liverpool, where he again led this old traditional club to great success. For many, the outstanding moment of his coaching time in Anfield will aprobably be the CL final of the 18/19 season against Tottenham Hotspurs from London. Many people granted the likable guy this triumph because he had previously lost two European finals. In the past 2019/20 season, the “Reds” shone under Klopp’s leadership, and despite the Corona pandemic, he led the club to its first championship in 30 years.

For that alone a statue of him should be built near Anfield Road.

The enthusiasm and passion that “Kloppo” can transfer to its players is unique. There is hardly any other coach who motivates a team as much as he does.


No coach has changed football tactically in recent years as Pep Guardiola has. The multiple titles he has won also confirm the impression that Pep is one of the greatest coaches.

The Tiki Taka football style was not his invention, the Spanish national team already used this highly developed short pass approach under Luis Aragones, but Pep Guardiola developed the approach further at Barcelona. The Spaniard won an unbelievable 16 titles in his first coaching job with the Catalans from the 2008/2009 to 2011/2012 season. Among other things, Pep was able to celebrate three championships in a row and twice winning the Champions League during this time. After a year break as a coach, he moved to Germany’s No. 1 Bayern Munich. Here, too, he won everything nationally. Since 2016 he has been the coach of the Sheikh Club Manchester City, with whom he also collected numerous national titles.

When will the next Champions League title finally follow?

3 Diego Simeone

When you think of the Spanish Club Atlético Madrid, you automatically think of Diego Simeone. Club and coach have merged into one concept after years, much like Arsene Wenger and Arsenal London did for many years. The Argentine is actually the best paid coach in the world, ahead of Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp. His energetic way, which rivals even Jürgen Klopp, lets the entire Metropolitano stadium boil over during a game. But his way of playing football has also shaped the last few years, similar to Pep Guardiola. Nobody before him optimized the counter attack game as much as he did. Simeone is the main reason why Atlético Madrid is uncomfortable to play for any other club. He is the reason why Atlético has been able to beat bigger clubs in the Champions League for years. The big highlights of his career are the Spanish championship in the 2013/2014 season, where he finished ahead of rival traditional Spanish giants from Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as the tragic CL final defeats against Real in 2014 and 2016.

4 Zinedine Zidane

As a player, the Frenchman with Algerian roots was already one of the greatest players  and led his country to their first World Cup victory in 1998 against the then overpowering might of Brazil. Zidane also achieved extraordinary things as a coach with the  Madrid giants. Since he took over the club in 2016, the Blancos have been able to raise the Champions League trophy an incredible three times in a row. Nobody had managed that since Bayern Munich in the 1970s. In fact, experts saw such dominance as impossible due to the high density of in professional football skills in Europe’s biggest clubs. After a total of 12 titles in two and a half years in office, Zidane took a break in 2017/2018 before taking over the, at that time, ailing club again in 2019.

5 Hansi Flick

For many years only the second man behind head coach Joachim Löw in the German national team. Flick was long underestimated, as he only became head coach for the first time in 2019 at the age of 54, and then straight- away at German giants Bayern Munich. However, the scepticism was unjustified, as Flick transformed the team into an extremely efficient and well-oiled machine in a short time and immediately won the triple in the 2019/20 seasons. One can wonder what influence Flick had on the 2014 World Cup? Maybe more than expected! In any case, it seems that Bayern has indentured the right coach this time. More big titles in the future are certainty possible, and this would cement Flick’s position among the most successful coaches.

6 Carlo Ancelotti

As a coach, the always well-dressed Italian has conquered the Champions League three times with AC Milan and Real Madrid. Only Zindine Zidane has had comparable success as a coach in the Champions League. He has the ability to lead even the biggest stars with a steady hand and does not allow stars with big egos to walk over him. Even if he is currently only coach of the English mid- table club Everton, Ancelotti is still considered one of the leading coaches of the last 10 years.

7 Massimiliano Allegri

The Italian maestro has led Juventus Turin to multiple national championships and is considered a tactical fox who can always adjust his team perfectly to the opponent. He values ​​a pronounced winning mentality, which he always transfers to his teams. He hasn’t won the Champions League yet, but maybe that will change in the next couple of years.

8 Didier Deschamps

The Frenchman has already won the World Cup as player and coach. Only Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer have achieved this as well. He led his team of young technically and tactically strong players to the World Cup title in 2018. The French national team is also one of the favourites at the 2021 European Championship. Also thanks to Didier Deschamps’ tactical instinct.

Wie schon erwähnt, gibt es natürlich noch viele andere großartige Trainer die es vielleicht ebenfalls verdient hätten auf einer Liste der besten Trainer zu landen. Als Beispiele könnte man folgende nennen…

As already mentioned, there are of course many other great coaches who might also deserve to be on a list of the best coaches. The following could be named as examples…