• Football technique


    One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t learn a move just because you want to impress your friends. You should only learn a trick if you can perform it during a soccer game. Many players seem to forget this and they spend long hours practising moves that they will never use during an actual game. I can agree that styling for others is exciting, I mean when people are standing there and whispering “WOW!” you will feel like the world’s greatest soccer player. Instead of practising some moves that you will never use in an actual game, try to work on your shooting skills.



  • How to learn new tricks?


    It’s more easy than it seems to pick up some new football tricks and use them. In the past you could only watch players performing tricks on TV, so you had to pick them up instantly. Today, you can learn from DVDs or Youtube. You can watch a trick performed by Ronaldo over and over again. It’s also possible for you to use slow motion to get a clearer picture of what’s happening in the video.


  • The Spanish method


    The following article in German is about the superiority of Spain to other European teams. Currently, Spain is the world’s and Europe’s football champion. There are five Spanish teams in the Champions League and the Euro League. Most experts think that the Spanish method of training is more effective because their teams never practise without a ball.



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