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    How can football players get motivation to work better on and off the field? This article will take a closer look on the different ways of motivating people. It is important for a coach to understand what motivates his players to play football. As a coach, you should take time to find out about your players’ passions and use that information to engage with them at a deeper level. Players respond well to coaches who know how to make training balanced and interesting. As a coach, you need to make sure that there is no boredom setting into your sessions and keep them varied. Support and encouragement are crucial, so remain approachable and always respect the team members. If the players look forward to coming to training sessions, they will have more fun and be more likely to express this positive attitude in their game. This piece of advice on soccer motivation encourages coaches to get to know their players, shows them how to keep substitutes and new players pleased and will help them ensure that everyone is having fun during training and playing. Click on the headings for detailed advice on how to keep motivation level high within your squad.

    1. Getting to know your players Understanding your players and taking your time to discover their interestsl can have a galvanising effect on squad morale. Get your players to fill out a questionnaire about their interests and motivations, study the answers and then ask them questions – it shows them that you care about them.

    2. Energy If you are lacking motivation as a coach, it can also affect your players. These four tips will help you bring back the spring into your step every time you kick off a training session.

    3. Substitions Soccer coach David Clarke stresses the importance of giving all the members of the squad a fair run out. Make your players feel good about themselves and make sure they warm up properly before entering the field.

    4. New players
    This article gives advice on how to integrate new players. Make use of your senior players when it comes to bedding new ones in, avoid cliques, hold team meetings and make sure they are aware of their role and responsibilities. 5. Fun One of your main roles as a soccer coach is to make training and matches fun. If players are not having a good time, their motivation levels will drop. Stress to your players the importance of learning new skills and improving little by little. Coaches use a variety of specific methods relevant to their sport in order to motivate players. Reviewing game footage is one of the most common and effective methods of motivation. Pat Riley, head coach of the Miami Heat, is a firm believer in the power of video footage as a motivational and teaching tool. Riley edits key segments of a game together. He uses this footage to demonstrate a variety of things. Footage of an opposing player in different situations can be used to exploit a weakness in that player, and remove the intimidation factor that comes with competing against a star player in an upcoming game. Alternatively, a coach can use footage of one of his own players as a form of amotivation. If a player sees himself on film making the same mistake repeatedly, he’ll be more likely to correct it. A simple pep talk is another common way of motivating athletes. Before a big game and in the locker room at halftime, a coach will often combine intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to encourage his team: “Go out there and enjoy the game. We can beat this team, and when we do, we’ll be in the next round.”
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