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Legendary Coaches


  • World class coaching


    Who of us knows whether Gomez, Pedro, Dante or Huntelaar feel nervous just before scoring a goal? Do they feel fear always, never or only from time to time? Sometimes, you can see it on their faces, as it was visible in the expression of Kahn shooting a penalty kick in the 2001 UEFA Champions League final, when Bayern Munich played against Valencia. When Effenberg spent the entire 120 minutes of the game leading his team, it felt as if he was a natural – following his directions seemed so easy for the team. What makes Messi chip the ball over the goalie? Why can’t we measure what’s exactly happening when he’s doing something like that? Why did Messi fail to perform well at the World Cup in South Africa? Sometimes, it feels as if he wasn’t really there. Is it because every now and again he’s told that he isn’t a true Argentinean? That might affect him deeply. The truth is that he doesn’t play in the national team as well as in FC Barcelona, or at least his cooperation with the rest of the team isn’t as harmonious as in Barça. If not for that, Messi would surely do better in the Argentina team. His underperforming may also have something to do with the fact that at Barcelona he earns ten times more than in the national team. In my opinion, he should either play with his whole body and soul, or not play at all. Messi is the type of a player who needs to feel comfortable around the other members of the squad – he needs them to co-operate with him and work together. Over the years, he learned to play with Xavi and Iniesta, so now they understand each other on the pitch without words. Messi is a team player, he always cooperates with his teammates and he just can’t play well without their support. Without his team, Messi is nobody. What can he do, playing all by himself against 11 Milan, United or Bayern players? Such unconditional cooperation is what he does every week in Barcelona since a good couple of years now. Humble players, as Joachim Loew said, make a team successful. When this balance is shaken and the players stop cooperating, we get a situation like in the Argentina national team, where Messi plays the game all by himself. In such conditions it is impossible to develop any team spirit. It’s also clear that Messi will never change, whereas Klopp will stay at BVB until 2016, which for a coach is almost forever. And as to Messi, I can only say this: for decades world’s best players have always been the team-players: Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Pelé, Messi...
    Where the team spirit was particularly pronounced and celebrated, the most success and fun happened. Ribery, Anelka or Messi – all of these great players can win only with the support of their teammates. Team spirit is essential in Bayern and in all other great teams. Maybe you can’t see it, measure it or evaluate it, but it’s certainly there. It’s impossible for people to decipher everything, which probably isn’t provided for in the context of evolution. Creating a unique sense of team spirit is one of the most important features of modern coaching. Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have similar coaching methods: they both bring together football knowledge and high social skills, which makes them appear almost superhuman. Klopp is the key to BVB’s team spirit: he has a pretty great way of generating positive vibrations. Is he truly unique or is he just super effective at his job? And what about Jupp Heynckes or Huub Stevens? What is it that they lack? What is the team spirit really? A unique connection between the team and the manger? Klopp’s star still shines, although he’s no Caesar and nobody knows how long he will be able to cultivate this team spirit. And where is Brutus hiding? Unfortunately, Jurgen Klopp has already made one mistake, when he talked about the lack of team spirit in Bayern, indirectly only, but after this accusation, Bayern were very angry – and that could eventually turn out to be bad decision. Jurgen Klopp knows it well: hard work, knowledge, perfection and a careful plan – that’s what it takes to win a match. To produce a perfect team player, you need a coach like Klopp or Guardiola, who will nurture team spirit that creates players like, Gündogan, Raul, Fox, Reus, Ribery, Oezil, or Xavi, Iniesta, Alves, Puyol, and Schweinsteiger and even Messi – the best player. The little Argentinean has the ability to become invisible on the pitch. Does this talent to – so to say – temporarily deny his own existence make Messi the perfect team player of all time? How important is the momentary absence of the alleged “key elements”, “key players” for the team? If the team has any spirit at all. The invisible spirit which you can’t see with your eyes, but you feel when a great team is playing. But even that’s not the whole truth, because the quality of the game can’t be measured. Computer graphs don’t show the core of the game or the team spirit – they can only indicate more or less correctly who moves where and not the small invisible details that make a team great.
    Matthäus Wdowiak










  • Types of managers

    How many different types of managers are there? The model of ‘concept manager’ has been popular since a couple of years. Many great clubs are currently searching for it. What is this model? In Germany Dortmund can be the best example – not only for the fans of the new German champion, but also for others, maybe with the exception of those who prefer FC Bayern’s way. Borussia became very successful; in a more limited way this was also done by clubs like Hoffenheim, Hannover, Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Stuttgart, Hamburg and even Moenchengladbach, who follow a similar pattern of work. Just as all of these teams, BVB invests in youth and created some successful players like Grosskreutz or Goetze. Dortmund bought three players (Lewandowski, Hummels, Barrios), none of whom were more expensive than five million euro, and invited some moderately known talents like Kagawa or Bender to join them. Previously, the club leadership lured coach Jurgen Klopp from the second division to the Ruhr district giant, which was a bold move for a young inexperienced coach. But the outcome is sensational: the team plays much better than it’s been expected of them, towering over the rest of the league. This really creates hope. Last season can be seen as a contradiction of the thesis that “money shoots goals”. The so-called “concept coaches”, whose king is Jurgen Klopp, are: Thomas Tuchel (Mainz), Robin Dutt (Freiburg), Ralf Rangnick (recently Schalke), Mirko Slomka (Hannover) and Dieter Hecking (Nuremberg). These coaches are able to create outstanding and successful teams, with little money. Great ideas, clear tactical concepts, social and communication skills, and a flair for sustainable planning – that’s what makes them so efficient. Last year belonged to such coaches. The less successful Thomas Schaaf (Bremen) or even Holger Stanislawski (FC St. Pauli) might also be considered a part of this group. It raises an exciting question: how sustainable is this trend?  
     What‘s going on at Bayern? Will the Munich team win the title next season before Klopp or Tuchel reach for it? And does this mean that it’s possible to form a successful team, whose class depends only partly on the individual skills of the players? Will Mainz play for the title someday? Perhaps so, considering the current changes concerning the position of the club manager. It’s a historical moment and the Dortmund team had great timing to take advantage of it. If this central feature belonged to the standard repertoire of new coaches’ methods, then the advantage would disappear. It already happened once, when the first coach abandoned the libero game and changed to the four men line. But until then, the League can play like crazy. This year has shown that it’s much easier to win the championship than one might think, contrary to the general belief that everything can be bought with money, which is deeply reassuring. The problem with older football coaches who once were very successful is that they worked in completely different times. People who have great careers behind them like Lothar Matthaus and Andreas Brehme almost always draw on the same methods which granted them success years ago. This inhibits progress. Felix Magath boasts that he uses the methods of Ernst Happel and Branko Zebec which were in use in the 1980s. Schalke refused to follow these outdated rules, which was due to the fact that captain Manuel Neuer and other national players have already experienced a better and more modern approach towards training. The success of the concept coach would be hardly conceivable without the national team. So, Loew has his share in it as well.
    Matthäus Wdowiak








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