The proposed motivation can work as a signpost showing the key directions for your development. It is a result of studying a few hundred books on motivation (mostly U.S. publications). The quotes are excerpts from the referenced sources. “Motivation” is targeted to young sportspeople while “Motivation Plus (+)” is for anyone. The quotations from the great thinkers are intended to provide a most condensed and complete form of motivation. The contents should be viewed as “motivational puzzles” that, when put together, create a whole.

The key catch-phrases include the following:
Do not be afraid. Show courage. Your mind is the only source of your limitations. Your thoughts can be your friend or enemy. You won’t succeed until you accept and love yourself. Believe it: you are the best. You can re-create your life by re-shaping your thoughts. Plan for and make the first step, then follow your growth. Dare to dream. Listen to your heart: let it tell you who you are and who you want to be. Never lose faith in yourself. Act. Practise. Follow the winners’ upright and relaxed postures on and off the field. Practise by visualizing and do not be restricted to football. Follow the best. Compete against yourself only. Remember to take breaks, have fun, find peace and, most importantly, keep on dreaming.

How does it happen that best strikers in the world suddenly stop scoring goals? Why do best tennis players lower their heads after a single missed shot?

Following the rules proposed by the “Motivation” or “Motivation +” will help you take hold of your emotions both on and off the field and in your future life.

“Healthy body, healthy mind” – this truth is always valid!

  • 4. Self-love, self-acceptance. The most important thing is to love yourself.

    Michel Poulin

    You are unique, you are one of a kind, you are a creature of evolution going on since the dawn of time. Among all the people in who have lived on our planet, there has never been anyone comparable to you. There will never be anyone comparable to you.
    (Bob Burg, John David Mann, 2007)
    The most precious gift that you can offer is yourself.
  • 5. No one’s better. Why not you?

    David Mahoney

    When I was young I thought that people at the top really understood what the hell was happening...whether they were cardinals or bishops or generals or politicians or business leaders. They knew. Well, I'm up there, and now I know they don’t know.
  • 6. Your thoughts create both your success and your failure


    All that we are is the result of what we have thought… The mind is everything. What we think, we become.

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